J Bernard Associates
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Client Testimonials

Here is what a few of our clients have to say about J. Bernard Associates

Tom Robinson - Robinson Oil Corporation (San Jose, California)
"Working with Jeff Bernard for the past 15 years, clearly demonstrates the value of a good facilitator in the strategic planning process. The entire team stays focused and moves in the same direction both during and after the planning workshop."

Alex Tullo - T&R Oil Inc. (South Kearny, New Jersey)
"We make better decisions with input from Jeff Bernard.  Our business is financially sound and ready for economic peaks and valleys. His expertise is worth it's weight in gold."

Dale Boyett - Boyett Petroleum (Modesto, California)
"Jeff Bernard has changed the way we approach our business planning.  We doubled our sales volume over the first five years we worked with Jeff and our team is geared to double our size again."

Tom Gresham - Double Quick, Inc. (Indianola, Mississippi)
"Our management team is stronger and ready to take on any challenge.  Jeff Bernard provides great insite and knowledge as he guides us through the strategic planning process."


Double Quick, Inc. October 2009 Strategy Workshop

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