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Share Groups

Jeff Bernard facilitates several industry "share" groups in conjunction with SIGMA and Financial Resource Management Corporation - Study Groups.  For more information contact
Jeff Bernard.

SIG Groups - 
SIGMA members have the opportunity to enhance their SIGMA experience by participating in working share groups consisting of non-competing SIGMA marketers. The SIG Groups are comprised of 10 to 12 SIGMA members who meet at least twice per year.  Each meeting typically includes six to eight hours of a facilitated business meeting followed by a joint dinner or other social event with spouses.  Meetings are held either in conjunction with SIGMA meetings or hosted by a member in their home market. 

Study Groups - The purpose of a financial study group is to provide a mechanism for a group of non competing distributors to get together for a confidential exchange of experiences, solutions and ideas at regular meetings; and to receive the benefit of reliable, comparative operating data on a periodic basis. The objective of the group is to help members improve the overall performance of their businesses.

Other Activities

In addition to Marketer clients from all corners of the US, J Bernard Associates is currently or has facilitated the strategy workshops for the following industry associations

SIGMA - Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America
FPMA - Florida Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association
PMCI - Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa
BPAMA - BP Amoco Marketer Association
ESPA -  Empire State Petroleum Association
WPCMA - Wisconsin Petroleum and Convenience Marketers Association 







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